Minecraft Legends: How To Farm & Get Gold Fast

Want to farm Gold quickly or looking for its farming locations? Check out our guide on how to farm and get Gold in Minecraft Legends fast.

The Gold in Minecraft Legends is arguably the most valuable resource if you are looking for upgrades & improvements. Unlike the original Minecraft, Gold is used as a currency in Legends. You can use these resources to build the top Improvements and other structures across the Overworld. You should get your hands on a lot of Gold if you are looking to put your defenses up against the Piglin armies. But since these resources don’t spawn, you cannot mine or use Allay Mobs to gather Gold. However, there are a few ways, you can get and farm Gold. So, check out our guide to find out everything about obtaining Gold.

How to Get & Farm Gold in Minecraft Legends

get gold minecraft legends
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The best way to get and farm gold in Minecraft Legends is to destroy the Piglin Bases. But there are also many ways to get Gold.

So, here are all the ways to farm and get Gold:

  • You can farm and obtain gold by destroying Piglin Bases, outposts, and Piglin Mobs.
  • For every Piglin Base you destroy, you will receive a reward of Gold & Prismarine.
  • You can also get the Gold by destroying the Gold mines near Piglin outposts.
  • Opening Piglin Chests across different villages can also reward with Gold. But note that these chests require a Piglin key to unlock.
  • Also, note that it is not guaranteed to get the Gold loot from these chests. Along with these resources, you can also get resources like Prismarine from the Piglin Chests.

Every Piglin Base has three different outposts ranging from easy to hard. The more challenging a base is, the more Gold they can net you. So, take on the challenging Piglin Bases to get the most Gold. Once you destroy the base and Nether Portal, gather the Gold from the Mining Machines before they disappear. You can also get these resources from destroying the Mining Machines in the Piglin Bases as they are guaranteed to drop ten gold.

Can you Farm Gold in PvP Mode

If you are looking for Gold in PvP Mode, you cannot use them as a resource or currency to upgrade.

  • Instead, you must collect Prismarine to upgrade the Improvement Hubs or other towers in PvP.
  • While you can raid Piglin Bases and their outposts to get Prismarine, Gold is not available for the PvP mode.
  • So, you also cannot get Gold in the Piglin chests or rewards.

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