How To Get Prismarine In Minecraft Legends

Looking to get Prismarine in Minecraft Legends? Keep reading this guide to find out where to get them from.

From the 9 different resources in Minecraft Legends, it is quite important you get Prismarine. Getting it is hard at the start but it is also needed if you plan on getting stronger. But as one might expect, you cannot just use your Allay to get them for you. So here is how you can get this resource and how you can use it.

How to Get Prismarine in Minecraft Legends

how to get prismarine in minecraft legends
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The best way to get most Prismarine is by destroying Piglin bases. There are a few more methods, but this one drops the highest amount of it when compared to them. You might feel that you may run out of bases to attack but worry not. As you play, you will find new Piglin bases and outposts spawning in the game’s world.

Not only does this method lets you get Prismarine but it is also a good way to collect gold. So make sure you destroy Piglin buildings, structures, bases, outposts, or anything related to them to get this resource.

Aside from that you also have a chance to get Prismarine when you open Village Chests. Go to the Village’s fountain and you can find a chest here. Open it and if you are lucky you could get some Prismarine.

Lastly, you can also open Allay Chests for the same. But allay chests have an even rarer drop rate than village chests for Prismarine. So if you are looking for the most reliable method then attacking bases is what you will have to stick to.

How to Use Prismarine

You need Prismarines for upgrades in this game. It sort of works indirectly, because you need Improvement Hubs for it. But in order to place them you use Prismarines. And another big use for it is to make Spawn points in the world.

So you should collect as much Prismarine as you can. But that isn’t the only resource you should look for, also collect Lapis to generate more Mobs. And if you need other help with this game then check out our Minecraft Legends section.