Where To Get Honey In Palworld (Farming Guide)

Can’t find any beehives to gather honey in Palworld? Learn which pals drop honey and how to farm it using the Ranch at your base.

There are several resources that players will need to gather for their survival on the Palpagos islands in Palworld. And while some of these are easy to find early on, other resources like Honey will make you look harder in each corner of the map. That said, it’s no surprise that Honey in Palworld comes from pals resembling bees from the real world.

Although, you might not find any beehives around to just simply grab the resource and run away. And on top of that if you are looking to farm honey in Palworld, then you might want to catch those pals. Since you will have to progress a bit further in the game, here’s how to acquire the consumable and farm it.

How to Farm Honey in Palworld

How To Farm Honey In Palworld
Image Source: WoW Quests on YouTube

As mentioned above, in order to get Honey in Palworld, you will need to either take down or catch Pals which drop the consumable in return. There are a few of these bee-like pals that you will come across on the Palpagos islands and here is a list of them:

  • Cinnamoth
  • Beegarde
  • Warsect
  • Elizabee

Among these, you can stumble upon hordes of Cinnamoth in the Cinnamon Forest in the game. Granted the pal does not look anywhere close to bees, but it still drops honey which can be picked up. So if you are looking to farm honey then grab as many Pal Spheres as you can and head towards the forest to capture some of these pals.

Along with Cinnamoth, if you are looking to hunt down bees, then you will find an abundance of Beegarde and Elizabee just north of the Plateau of Beginnings in Palworld. However, you might find it difficult to face them very early on in the game. Most of these pals roam around in hordes which makes things easier on finding them. Although, on the other hand, aggravating one might incur the wrath of others.

Warsect, on the other hand, will be incredibly tough to capture in Palworld. These giant elephant beetle-type pal can be found in the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary. We would suggest catching hordes of Cinnamoth, Beegarde, or Elizabee to farm some honey in Palworld effectively.

That said, to farm honey in Palworld, you will need to capture and gather these pals into a Ranch. Constructing a Ranch will require you to have x50 Wood, x20 Stone, and x30 Fiber in the game. Over time, these pals will start producing honey and you will be able to farm it accordingly.

That’s everything covered in this guide. Since you might want to farm more than just honey, here’s how to get leather, wheat seeds, and pal fluids in the game. And if you find them helpful, check out our dedicated Palworld section, right here on Gamer Tweak.