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Chrono Cross: How To Unlock & Get Glenn

Need a strong member for your party in Chrono Cross Remaster? You should get Glenn on your team.

While playing Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers you might want to get Glenn on your team. He is the younger brother of Dario and also one of the members of the Acacia Dragoons. So if you are someone who plans to get every character or all achievements in the game then you should definitely get him. That’s because he also gives you two achievements. So without further ado let us quickly check how to unlock & recruit Glenn in Chrono Cross.

How to Get Glenn in Chrono Cross


how to unlock and get glenn in chrono cross

You can recruit Glenn in Chrono Cross by denying to save Kid and progressing the story until his next interaction. Below is how to recruit him.

  1. As you progress through the story, Lynx will poison Kid after what happens at the Viper Manor.
  2. You will get to choose whether to Save Kid or not to Save Kid.
  3. Choose Not to Save Kid. This will seem bad at first as even Korcha will ask you thrice to confirm this decision. But for getting Glenn you will have to stick to it.
  4. A good thing here is, that even if you don’t save her she will still heal and join you later in the game. And the best part is you also get to unlock two other characters if you go down this path of not saving her. Oh, and this decision does affect the ending you get for the game.
  5. Now keep progressing in the story until you meet with Glenn again.
  6. You will find him talking to the Flower Lady in Termina.
  7. Now go to the boat and Glenn will ask you if he can join you and take him to Fort Dragonia.
  8. As soon as he joins you, you will unlock Glenn.
  9. This will also give you the achievement: The Noble Knight.


In case you want some extra interaction with Glenn, then do this before following the above steps.

  • Get the Bellflower from Fossil Valley (Another World) before going to Termina. (This should happen before you meet Glenn for the first time)
  • When you meet him, give him the Bellflower when you get the chance. This will unlock an extra dialogue.

Additionally, if you follow his side quests then you can also get the achievement: Twin Einlanzers.


That covers everything you should know about how to unlock & get Glenn in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers. Since you are getting characters to join your party I suggest you also check our all characters tier list for this game to know which characters to get first.