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Should You Save Or Refuse Chrono Cross Kid For Leena?

Here's why you refuse Kid for Leena & also save Kid or not in Chrono Cross.

Kid is the fan-favorite mysterious blonde with blue eyes, acting as the main heroine of the game. You can come across her pretty early in the game and be presented with a choice of recruiting her. But should you accept here into the team right away? Are you going to miss out on any better characters like Leena if you do this? Don’t worry, today we will answer all these questions for you. So let’s look at should you refuse Kid for Leena and also save Kid or not in Chrono Cross remaster Radical Dreamers Edition.

Should You Refuse Kid in Chrono Cross Remaster Radical Dreamers Edition?


Chrono Cross Refuse Kid vs or Leena

Yes, if you want to recruit & get Leena, you should refuse Kid right after the tutorial fight with Karsh and the Shaker Brothers at Cape Howl in both original Chrono Cross & remaster Radical Dreamers Edition. Don’t worry you can refuse Kid up to three times and still get the opportunity to recruit her later. To get & add Leena to your party, it’s crucial to refuse Kids at least once. Otherwise, you will never get an opportunity to let Leena join you again in the game. Once you refuse Kid at Cape Howl (Another World), Leena will join you the next day alongside the ‘Wonder Dog’ Poshul.

Chrono Cross Leena or Kid


In Chrono Cross, if you are choosing between Leena or Kid, then note that you should choose Leena over Kid, cause Leena is one of the most powerful recruitable characters in the game. And this is your only chance to get Leena, whereas you can get Kid to join your team later too. Also, you will not be able to use Kid a lot, as she will not be available in your party for a major part of the Chrono Cross’s story. So you are better off getting Leena first, instead of Kid right after the Cape Howl fight.

And if you missed out on the ‘Heckran Bone’ and failed to recruit ‘Posul’ don’t worry. This is your chance to get Posul alongside Leena next morning, by declining Kid. But if you want to keep both Kid & Posul from starting and skip on Leena, then you can do that in a specific manner. You need to go to the restaurant in Arni Village. Then go to the upstairs room, and collect Heckran Bone from under the bed. Give the Heckran Bone to Poshul, and add her to your party.

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Save Kid or Not in Chrono Cross

To get the best game experience by recruiting powerful Glenn, we recommend not to save Kid in both the original Chrono Cross & remaster Radical Dreamers Edition when she is poisoned by Lynx. But don’t worry Kid will be rescued automatically by the ‘Black Wind’ Leader Norris, with the antidote “Hydra Humour”.  And on the bright side, Kid will not hold any grudge against you no matter your choice.

And if you do not save Kid, then you will get Doc, and Macha alongside Glenn to join your party. Glenn is easily one of the most powerful characters in the game with both Einlanzer swords. Glenn will also enable a powerful double-tech called X-Strike, which works with Serge. So you should not miss out on Glenn by saving Kid. If you choose to save Kid, then you will be able to recruit Korcha, Razzly, and Mel. This will also allow you to use Mel’s double-tech with Kid. But we and many other players online believe getting Glenn in your first playthrough must be your aim.


That’s everything you need to about should you refuse Kid for Leena and also save Kid or not in Chrono Cross remaster Radical Dreamers Edition. While you are here, check out our other Video Game Guides to know more tips & tricks for all the popular latest games.