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Chrono Cross Character Tier List (Remaster The Radical Dreamers Edition)

Here are the best characters to choose from in our Chrono Cross Character Tier List.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition remaster is finally here after long waiting. The remaster adds lots of features like better sound & music quality, quality-of-life improvements, and more. So this is a really good time to pick up the game either if you are new to this or a returning player. So if you have lost touch with the game, here are the best characters to choose from in our Chrono Cross Character Tier List (Remaster The Radical Dreamers Edition).


Chrono Cross Tier List – Best Characters Ranked (January 2023)

Chrono Cross Character Tier List

Here’s a Chrono Cross Tier List of all characters according to Erick Landon RPG (YT) which should also work for Radical Dreamers Edition:

Tiers Characters Career
S Tier Serge Silent Protagonist
S Tier Lynx Feline Demi-human
S Tier Karsh One of the 4 Devas
S Tier Glenn Noble Knight
S Tier Harle Enigmatic Jester
S Tier Grobyc Cyborg Assassin
S Tier Orlha Gladiatrix Barkeep
A Tier Kid Mysterious Traveler
A Tier Guile Masked Magician
A Tier Nikki Rockin’ Bard Superstar
A Tier Fargo Pirate Captain
A Tier Leena Sweet Country Gal
A Tier Janice Bunny-Girl Trainer
A Tier Sprigg Lovable Old Lady
A Tier Greco Psychic Ex-Wrestler
A Tier Skelly Skeleton Clown
B Tier Norris Black Wind Leader
B Tier Viper Lord of El Nido
B Tier Riddel Lady of Viper Manor
B Tier Zoah One of the 4 Devas
B Tier Marcy Diva of the 4 Devas
B Tier Razzly A Forest Fairy
B Tier Zappa Obstinate Blacksmith
B Tier Orcha Fiery Cook
B Tier Radius Arni Village Chief
B Tier Miki Dancer Extraordinaire
B Tier Draggy Cute Baby Dragon
B Tier Mojo Cursed Voodoo Doll
B Tier Irenes Late Zelbess’s Sister
B Tier Leah Cave Girl
B Tier Steena Shrine Maiden
B Tier Funguy Mushroom Man
B Tier Sneff Aged Illusionist
C Tier Korcha Fisherman & Ferryman
C Tier Luccia Scientific Genius
C Tier Poshul The Wonder Dog
C Tier Macha Gutsy Mother of 2
C Tier Starky A Stray Gray
C Tier Turnip A Total Vegetable
C Tier Mel Doodling Brat
D Tier NeoFio A Flower Child
D Tier Van Penny-wise Artist
D Tier Doc Village Physician
D Tier Pierre Self-proclaimed Hero
D Tier Pip Guinea Pig Experiment

Why We Went With This Tier List?

Erick Landon RPG has made lots of videos on the game, including complete playthroughs and some with lots of in-depth details. And it’s one of his favorite games as per his videos. So we really believe his opinions on the Chrono Cross Character Tier List really matters.


We have ranked both Funguy & Sneff in B Tier according to what we believe they should be. This can vary for different players as some may consider them to be higher tier and others may rank them even lower. So it comes down to your choice. For the rest of the 43 characters, we have stayed with the opinions of Erick Landon RPG.

In the video, there’s an explanation for all characters by their tiers, which takes lots of effort from the creator. So please make sure to watch the full original video from the content creator below:


So that’s for this Chrono Cross Remaster The Radical Dreamers Edition Character Tier List. While you are here, check out our other Tier Lists and our Video Game Guides to know more tips & tricks for all the popular latest games.