How To Get Full Resurrection In Roblox Type Soul (Steps Guide)

If you desire the Full Resurrection form in Type Soul, then here are the requirements you'll have to fulfill.

As shown in the anime Bleach, Arrancar players can also achieve Full Resurrection in Type Soul by fulfilling some requirements. Obtaining this special power-up will grant you powerful moves that will make you stronger than ever. There are up to 5 possible resurrections you can unlock in the game, where Starrk Resurrection is on the top of them all. However, the grind to transform into such an incredible form will not be that easy. But that’s what makes it so special and allows you to flex your skills. So if you’re up for the challenge, then below you’ll find all the details you need to unlock Full Res in Type Soul easily.

How to Unlock Full Resurrection in Type Soul (Requirements)

As it goes without saying, only Arrancar players with Partial Resurrection can unlock Full Resurrection in Type Soul. If you’ve already done that, then scroll down to check out the steps & requirements.

  1. First, you will need to achieve 100% Res status. And to get that status there are various things you can do such as.
    • Win 200 Karakura Raids
    • Or, give 30k healings during raids (Dying will reset)
    • Or, rank in the top 100 of the Leaderboard. (Stay there for up to 15 hours)
V - Unequaled, Unrivaled NPC location to get res status to unlock Full Resurrection In Roblox Type Soul
Source Image: TBone
  1. After completing one of the requirements meet V – Unequaled, Unrivaled NPC sitting in a barn located in the main town area. This NPC will check your status & tell you if you qualify to obtain Full Resurrection in Type Soul. If you do, then he’ll say “Unequaled. Unrivaled. Go make me proud, lil bro” notifying your 100% progression.
  2. Next, you’ll have to do is Eliminate 150 Hollows, Grip 60 Elites, and Eliminate 3-5 BawaBawa, the snake boss. Do note, you’ll have to do all this without dying.
  3. Once you’re done with that, simply head to the Menos Pit and meditate for 10-15 minutes under the Sword Statue.

    find the hollow to get How to Unlock Full Resurrection in Type Soul
    Source Image: Corgi
  4. Doing so will teleport you to Loss Notches Maze, and there your next task will be finding your Hollow.
  5. And if you do it successfully, then you’ll unlock the Full Res in Type Soul. There’s a chance that players might end up with one of the Resurrections below.
  • Starrk Resurrection
  • Slash Resurrection
  • Bone Resurrection
  • Storm Resurrection
  • Acid Resurrection

That covers everything about how you can unlock Full Resurrection in Roblox Type Soul easily. If you’re not sure about which weapon you should wield, then check out the Best Arrancar Weapons tier list. Also, take a look at the Type Soul Codes Wiki to get free rewards in the game.