Type Soul Arrancar Weapons Tier List (2023)

Here are the best weapons that players can use with Arrancar in Type Soul.

This Type Soul Arrancar weapons tier list will help you select the best weapons that you can use in the game. While getting your hands on the weapons will be a bit difficult, once you get the top-tier ones, you can hunt down as many Soul Reapers, Hollows, or Quincy. Although Hollows can pull their masks and become Arrancar any time they wish, it’s best if you do it after some time in order to get more powerful stats. While stats don’t have anything to do with the best weapons, you will need to pair up these two if you are looking to beat tough opponents.

Since Type://Soul is inspired by the anime and manga Bleach, there is a huge fanbase that wants to play this game. As an Arrancar, you will not only need the best weapons but also improve on your Kendo & Kido if you are going for the best Arrancar build. Along with that, you will need a handful of skills and you can check out all of that in our build guide. Since you are spoiled for choices, it might not be easy to determine which weapons to choose. We have ranked the Arrancar Weapons from best to worst based on our experiences so you can use them for your own build.

Type Soul Arrancar Weapons Tier List (2023)

Best Arrancar Weapons Tier List Type Soul

Here is the Type Soul Arrancar Weapons tier list that you need in order to select the best weapons in the game.

S Tier Arrancar Weapons

S Tier is considered the best weapons in the game and players should definitely use them if they can get their hands on these weapons in Type Soul.

  • Grimmjows Claws

A Tier Arrancar Weapons

  • Ulquoirra’s Katana
  • Neliel’s Lance

B Tier Arrancar Weapons

  • Wonderweiss’s Sword
  • Nnoitra’s Scythe
  • Barragan’s Axe

C Tier Arrancar Weapons

  • Harribel’s Dagger

That’s all we have on the best weapons from this Type Soul Arrancar weapons tier list. Since you are playing Type Soul, check out our dedicated section for more such guides right here at Gamer Tweak.