Goose Goose Duck French Maid Outfit: How To Get

Wondering how to unlock this outfit? Check out our guide on how to get the French Maid Outfit in Goose Goose Duck.

Similar to the mainstream favorite Among Us, Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction video game inspired by the Mafia party game. But considering the differences, this game features a plethora of game modes and customization options for players to choose from. Speaking of character customization, there are different outfits, headgear, and more accessories. But under this section, a majority of players are unable to unlock a Maid outfit for themselves. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to get French Maid Outfit in Goose Goose Duck to find out.

How to Get French Maid Outfit in Goose Goose Goose Duck

You can buy the French Maid outfit for 500 Silver coins after completing the “We need more Lemon Pledge” achievement. Although most cosmetic outfits or items can be bought right away with Silver or Gold coins, some outfits need to be unlocked. Likewise, you have to complete this achievement to unlock the Maid Outfit in Goose Goose Duck.

goose goose duck how to get maid outfit

You can complete this achievement by completing the “Clean Manifolds” or “Disinfect Showers” tasks 500 times. As with all the tasks, you won’t find these tasks on every map. You can complete these two tasks in Blackswan (BS), Mothergoose (MG), and Nexus Colony (NC) maps. But note that these tasks are randomly given to all the Geese (or Duck) in the game. So, you might not get these tasks in every game you play. Also, make sure to not get killed by the Duck before completing these tasks.

After completing either of the tasks 500 times, you will be notified of completing the We need more Lemon Pledge achievement. Once you have unlocked the French Maid outfit, you can buy it for 500 Silver coins in Goose Goose Duck. If you are confused about earning these coins, check out our Silver and Gold Coin guide for insight.

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