Goose Goose Duck Nexus Colony (NC) Map Guide

Here is a complete guide on the Nexus Colony map in Goose Goose Duck.

There are a total of eight maps in the viral game – Goose Goose Duck. Each map offers players a plethora of activities whether you’re a duck or a goose. The Nexus Colony map is one of those If you’re a new player and can’t find your way around this map then you’re at the right place. We welcome you to our Goose Goose Duck Nexus Colony (NC) guide where we’ll show you all the locations you need to know.

Nexus Colony in Goose Goose Duck [Map Guide]

Before we go any further, let us introduce the categories or the elements present in Nexus Colony in Goose Goose Duck

  • Location of Button/Bell – The place where you call an emergency meeting
  • Cameras/Intercom – All cameras and intercoms on the map
  • Location of Vent/Snoops – Number of each and how to interact
  • Sabotages – Where and how to activate them
  • Map Hazards – Areas on the map that can lead to accidental death.

Now that you know what these categories are, let us look at where they are located in the Goose Goose Duck Nexus Colony map. We have also added the map below for your reference:

goose goose duck nexus colony

How to Find the (Emergency Meeting) Button in Nexus Colony

The button can be found on the “Bridge” itself. It’s a huge red button located on the lower left side of the room.

Where to Find Camera and Intercom in Nexus Colony

Both of them are present on the map. They can be found in the “Security” area of the Nexus Colony map.


There are a total of six sabotages that are available. Here is where you can find them:

  • Lights in the Electrical area.
  • Engines can be sabotaged in the Engines room itself.
  • Communications on the Bridge
  • Oxygen in the Medical section
  • Teleporter in the Security room
  • Shuttle in the Departure Bay


There are a total of 5 vents in Goose Goose Duck’s Nexus Colony. While 4 are connected with each other, 1 of them in the Shuttle is by itself.

Map Hazards

  • Shuttle (platform)
  • Shuttle (usage)
  • Teleporter (usage)

If you enter the shuttle platform, you will get mowed down when the shuttle comes in from the other side. Also, don’t use the shuttle until the sabotage is fixed.
Lastly, be careful while using the teleporter as there is a chance that you may die when it is sabotaged.

That’s everything you need to know on our Goose Goose Duck Nexus Colony (NC) guide. For more tips and location guides, stay tuned to our Goose Goose Duck section right here.