Wuthering Waves: How To Get 108 Free Pulls

The new banners are here and if you are looking to pull for your favorite characters you should check out how to get the free 108 wishes in Wuthering Waves.

You can get 108 free pulls in Wuthering Waves to celebrate its official release. Since this is a gacha game, this gift is very valuable, especially for free-to-play gamers. Including the Pre-registration rewards, you get plenty of Lustrous Tides, Radiant Tides, Astrites, and more. The best part is, that is not all, you can even unlock 4-Star Resonator: Sanhua, along with several other rewards. So here is all you need to do to claim them and the rewards you get.

How to Get Free Wishes in Wuthering Waves

How To Get Free 108 Pulls In Wuthering Waves
Image Credits: Wuthering Waves. Rewards list and free pulls for WuWa.

To get free Wishes in Wuthering Waves, you must log in daily and claim these rewards from your in-game mail. The rewards you get are as follows:

  • Pre-registration rewards on May 23 at 10:00 (UTC + 8)
    • Lustrous Tide x20
    • Astrite x200
    • Sigil: En Route
    • Advanced Resonance Potion x10
    • Shell Credit x80K
  • May 24 at 10:00 (UTC + 8)
    • Lustrous Tide x10
  • May 25 at 10:00 (UTC + 8)
    • Radiant Tide x10
  • Gifts of Thawing Frost
    • Sign in daily for 7 days to get Lustrous Tide x4, Radiant Tide x4, and Sanhua.
  • Awakening Journey
    • Reach given Union Levels for:
      • Lustrous Tide x40
      • Astrite x1600
      • 5-Star Winter Brume Series Weapon of Choice
      • Crystal Solvent x6
  • Free Upgrade Bundle
    • Reach Union Level 30 to get Lustrous Tide x10.

Ensure you check your in-game mail daily, and don’t forget to claim them. While these rewards don’t go away immediately, they still get deleted when not claimed within the time frame. Speaking of more freebies, you should also redeem its Codes. Just ensure you save your Asterites for limited-time banners, and don’t waste them on pulling permanent characters. You can think of them as similar to Primogems if you have played Genshin Impact.

With that, you now know everything that you need to do to get your free 108 pulls in Wuthering Waves. In case you are unable to play the game due to errors, you can check out our guides on how to fix the Fatal error, the launcher too big, and the game crashing on startup.