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How to Get Every Home in Starfield? Unlock All 8 Houses

With over 8 different houses to unlock here is a guide on how to get every home in Starfield.

Buying a House in Starfield will let you nap, do research, craft, etc. So having one in the city you visit often will be useful. This Starfield Property Buying guide will assist you with a list of all 8 different houses in Starfield, their cost, and how to purchase them for good. Most of them are accessible early in the game, having a house will let you reset the day-night time in the game. So if there is any mission pending for next just nap and continue with the mission.

List of all Houses in Starfield

Starfield Home Buying Guide

Starfield has unfurnished apartments, penthouses, containers, etc. as properties. They are sold by an NPC, through dialogue choices. The most expensive house in Starfield is the Sky Suit in the Neon district. It cost around 235000 Credits. Picking a penthouse gives you spacious rooms and cabins, while the apartment has limited space. Here is the list of all houses in Starfield.

  1. Dream Home (Nesoi) – 125000 Credits or 500 Credits weekly mortgage.
  2. The Core Residence (Akila)- 78000 Credits
  3. Stretch Apartment (Akila ) – 45000 Credits
  4. Mercury Tower Penthouse – Free
  5. Childhood Bedroom – Free
  6. Sky Suite (Neon) – 235000 Credits.
  7. Well Apartment (Neon) – 30000 Credits.
  8. Sleepcrate (Neon) – 6500 Credits.

Check our guide on How to buy a Home in New Atlantis to find a way to access Mercury Tower Penthouse, Childhood Bedroom, Sky Suit, Well Apartment, and Sleep crate. Refer to our guide on Akily City Home buying guide, to purchase Core Residence and Stretch apartments. For Dream Home click the link on the top list.

Why to buy a Home in Starfield?

Starfield Home Buying Guide

Players can customize the house the way they want. They can set up their crafting table, and furniture, add decorations, displays, etc. There are a lot of things they can do in decorating their place. Every item has a cost or material to unlock.

Some houses are available on the mortgage, like the Drea Home. There is an interest on weekly payments, and if you have a house there is no need to build an outpost. It is a place to rest and take a break from the game. Most of the houses will have a fridge and cooking station. If you have unlocked recipes you can cook directly and boost health or stamina. Overall it is a kind of side-activity that really does not have any impact on the main story.

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