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How to Get a Home in Akila City Starfield? (Penthouse or Apartment)

You can invest in two properties in the Akila City, a penthouse or a apartment. Here are the prices of the houses and how to buy them.

Akila City is located in the Cheyenne system of Starfield. You have options to buy two different properties in this region. Both have different prices, one of them is a Penthouse called The Core Residence and the second one is a Stretch Apartment. In this guide, you will find details on Akila City property prices, the selling agent, and location.

How to Buy a Home in Akila City?

Starfield Akila City Ngodup

After landing, cross the Welcome to Akila City sign and take the first left turn. Go straight to the end until you see some stairs, and take the left stairs. Turn right from street vendors. Go up and walk straight straight until you see stairs. Look for Ngodup a guy in a black jacket near the house shown in the image above. This is the agent from whom you can buy a home in Akila city. Here are the two types of places you can buy from him.

Buy Core Residence

Starfield Core Residence

Starfield Core Residence

The house behind Ngodup is the penthouse in Akila City. It will cost you 78000 Credits. Just talk to him and discuss buying the house. The property is empty, decoration relies on the players. It is a reasonably spacious house with a huge hall and kitchen on the right end side. The washroom is on the left end corner and there is another room on the right of the toilet. There is a second exit to the backside. So it is a kind of a huge house where you can place everything you want.

Buy Stretch Apartment

Starfield Akila City Stretch Apartment

If you are short of credits, you can pick the Stretch Apartment. It will cost you 45000 Credits. Not as spacious as the Core Residence but enough to set up a small home in Akila City. The Stretch Apartment is located on the left side of the Core Residence, talk to Ngodup first. Buy this unfurnished 1 Bedroom and you will see an objective marker that will lead to the apartment. Little far from the penthouse, this small apartment has a mid-size hall, with an attached bathroom.

So this is how you can get a home in Akila City in Starfield. There are around 8 different types of houses in the game. Among them, two are free, to know more check the below guide.

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