How To Get Dragon Scales In Blox Fruits

The Dragon Scales in Blox Fruits are some of the rare materials that you can find. This material is the main ingredient in upgrades for multiple weapons and fighting styles, which is necessary as you progress in the game. This is a highly sought-after material that is very difficult to obtain and requires you to travel in dangerous water to fight some of the most powerful enemies in the game. If you are looking to get your hands on this, continue reading this guide to know where to find the Dragon Scales and how to get them.

How to Get Dragon Scales in Blox Fruits

Dragon Scales In Blox Fruits
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With a drop chance of 3% it is pretty obvious that it is hard to get one. Nevertheless, there are three ways by which you can the Dragon Scales in Blox Fruits get it. From which, the first two being fighting with some of the most formidable enemies in the game, the Dragon Crew Archer and the Dragon Crew Warrior, and the third is by completing the Amazon Quest. The Quest in turn is actually completed by defeating the 8 Dragon Crew. Once you defeat these enemies, they drop the Dragon Scales as a reward.

Amazon Quest

We recommend you go ahead and complete the quest that will increase your chance of getting the Dragon Scales. In addition to this, you also receive other rewards like Tons of money and Exp.
You can get the quest by the Quest Giver, Although you need to have Level 1600 to be eligible for this. To complete this, head to Hydra Island in the third sea and defeat 8 Dragon Crew Archers and Dragon Crew Warriors, respectively.

  • Reward
    • Money:- 15,000 | Exp :- 60,500,000.

Dragon Crew Warrior

The Dragon Crew Warrior is a level 1575 NCP which is located on the Hydra Island in the Third Sea. With 15,175 HP on her, she uses a long sword as her main weapon. You can find her on the Hydra island near the Friendly Arena or beside the Island Empress’s Palace.

Dragon Crew Archer

The Dragon Crew Archers are level 1600 enemies located on the Hydra island in the Third Sea. You can find them at the right of the Friendly Arena or behind the Island Empress’s Palace. They are some of the most powerful NPCs in the game with 15,600 HP and use Combat Fighting Style to attack. They can also strike with the Serpent Bow’s Z which uses poison to damage.

How to Use Dragon Scales

The Dragon Scale can be used to unlock the GodHuman Fighting Style and also craft upgrades for some swords and guns. Below is the list of all the weapons that can be upgraded using the Dragon Scales with other materials.

Canvander Kabucha
Dark DaggerSoul Guitar
Dark BladeBazooka
Dragon Trident
True Triple Katana

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Dragon Scales in Blox Fruits. If you find this guide helpful, check out our dedicated Codes and Blox Fruits section on Gamer Tweak for more such useful guides and redeem codes. Also, why not try these direct links to some related guides that can help you advance more in this game like,