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How To Get Dark Fragment In Blox Fruits

Here's everything You need to Know about how to get dark fragment in Blox Fruits.

From upgrading accessories to searching materials in a quest in Blox Fruit, the fun never ends. These materials can be rare to obtain, one such rare material in the game is Dark Fragment. They are essential for upgrading or obtaining accessories in the game. If you need one and don’t you where to find, then read this guide on how to get Dark Fragment in Blox Fruits

How to get Dark Fragment in Blox Fruits

Dark Fragments Blox Fruits

  • Dark Fragment is rare material that can only be acquired through one technique. This method takes a lot of effort and can be exhausting.
  • You need to obtain Fist of Darkness first, which you can get by defeating sea best or in a random chest in the Second Sea.
  • After obtaining Fist of Darkness, head to the Dark arena, located in the Second Sea.
  • Note that if you die you will lose Fist of Darkness and you will have to redo the steps, hence keep your health bar to the maximum.
  • Summon Darkbeard by placing Fist of Darkness on the Altar situated in the middle of the arena and defeat him.
  • Darkbeard is a 1,000-level raid boss. Hence, defeating Darkbeard alone would be a rash move and you may end up defeated.
  • Take your squad along with you to Defeat Darkbeard.
  • After defeating Darkbeard each player who dealt the damage receives 1,500 fragments along with a Dark fragment and a 3-level increase, also there’s a 2% chance of obtaining Dark Coat which is a rare accessory.

Use of Dark Fragment

Dark Fragment is used mainly to obtain Soul Guitar other than that it is also used in upgrading accessories like Bazooka, Soul Guitar, Dark Dagger, and Dark Blade.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Dark Fragment. Also, check out our Roblox guides to know more about Roblox games.