How To Get Kabucha in Roblox Blox Fruits

The Kabucha in Blox Fruits is a legendary rare-type weapon that can be unlocked in the game. Now before the 11th update, the kabucha could only be unlocked by purchasing through a Rare Artifact. But now there is another way to obtain this legendary powerful weapon. Follow along with this guide to learn how to get it and also how you can upgrade it to make it more effective.

How to Unlock Kabucha in Blox Fruits

Kabucha in Blox Fruits
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According to the inventory description for this item in the Blox game, “It has five bands instead of two, making it even more powerful”. Although it belongs to the category of a gun, the Kabucha is more like a slingshot weapon. You can pair it with Dark V2, Shisui, Canvander, and Spikey Trident to make it more effective.

To get Kabucha you need to have 1,500 Fragments that you can exchange with NCP which sells legendary guns i.e., The Strongest God. He can be found at the Usopp’s Island in the second sea. In order to interact with him, you should have 700+ levels to your name.

To reach there, head to the Kingdom of Rose and then move straight to the southeast in the second sea. Once you reach there go to The Strongest God and interact with him.

How to Upgrade Kabucha

In order to upgrade this weapon, you need to visit the blacksmith and use the materials 15x Dragon Scale | 3x Vampire Fangs | 50 x leather. Once upgraded, the effective damage of the weapon increases by +15%

The blacksmith can be found at:

  • First sea:- Towards the corner on the left side when heading to Bobby Spawn at Pirate Village.
  • Second Sea:- Towards the Left side of the docks while facing the Kingdom of Rose Island.
  • Third Sea:- Towards the right side of Quest Giver at Port Town.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get kabucha in Blox Fruits. Need more helpful guides on this game, check out this article about the best PvP Fruits in Blox Fruits or the best sword in Blox Fruits First Sea. Moreover, you can go through our dedicated section for Blox Fruits for more such helpful tips and guides right here on Gamer Tweak.