What Is The Best Sword In Blox Fruits First Sea?

Learn about the best First Sea sword of Blox Fruits to become an invincible Sword Master.

First Sea of Blox Fruits has fourteen obtainable swords with different rarities and uses. For beginners, this is the first grinding area, where they must focus all their power on one sword. Because going for multiple weapons at this early phase of the game will only slow you down. Thus, we recommend you read this best First Sea weapon guide and collect what is suited for the long run.

Which is the Best First Sea Sword in Blox Fruits?

First Sea Saber Blox Fruits

Saber is the best Blox Fruits First Sea sword for beginner and veteran players. This sword is not only helpful in the first zone but will prove worthy in other seas too as you can upgrade it later in the game. And since this is a legendary weapon, obtaining it can be very time-consuming and difficult for starters.

To get Saber players must complete a Saber Expert Puzzle. You can refer to the linked article to complete the puzzle and obtain Saber the best First Sea Blox Fruits sword. However, before you attempt this list of tasks, make sure that you are at least on level 190 or above, as your last task in Saber Expert Puzzle is to beat level 200 Shank. You can only obtain version 1 Saber by defeating him, and if you are below 200, the game will not let you challenge him. Thus, make sure to reach that mastery level.

Since this legendary sword is hard to obtain and also requires a certain level, you can first unlock the second-best First Sea Sword, Soul Cane. You can purchase Soul Cane for $750,000 from Living Skeleton. And if you are low on cash, you can collect the amount by using these Blox Fruits codes.

Now, use this First Sea best sword Saber in Blox Fruits and decimate all your opponents to become Sword Master. And after you have achieved your goal, upgrade the Saber version with the linked guide for even better results.