Stardew Valley 1.6: How To Get Deluxe Bait And Deluxe Worm Bin

There are many ways to get Deluxe Bait in Stardew Valley, but only one way to craft Deluxe Worm Bin. Here’s all you have to do for them.

Fishing is one of the irreplaceable activities of the SDV. We must catch different kinds of fish for various reasons, from completing the resident-given quests to finishing specific bundles. With standard bait, it takes ages to capture the high-rarity ones, and let’s not forget that some hyperactive variants wouldn’t give up easily. In such times, crafting or getting a better version of lure is best, like the Deluxe Bait in Stardew Valley. When you use this bait, the fish will nibble faster, drastically reducing the time you spend on it.

While there are many ways to get this bait in the valley, the best permanent method is Deluxe Worm Bin. You can craft this after meeting some requirements and collecting the ingredients needed for the recipe. In this guide, we have given all the ways to get this lure and how you can make the bin for it.

How to Get Deluxe Bait in Stardew Valley

Get Deluxe Bait in Stardew Valley
You can purchase Deluxe Bait from Fish Shop in SDV (Image Credit: ConcernedApe)

As we have said before, the best way to get the Deluxe Bait is through the Deluxe Worm Bin. However, you unlock it at a high level of fishing. If you want to get and use this before reaching it, there are three ways: purchasing from Fish Shop, completing River Fish Bundle, and winning in the SquidFest Event.

The Fish Shop will sell the bait for 100g after you have reached level 4 in fishing. The shop is on the beach dock, south of Pelican Town. After the 1.6 update, the River Fish Bundle reward is Deluxe Bait, not the Standard Bait. It will give 30 for completing the bundle. The SquidFest Event takes place in the winter of 12th and 13th. On the first day, you can get the reward of 30 Deluxe Bait by catching one squid.

How to Craft Deluxe Worm Bin in SDV

Craft Deluxe Worm Bin in SDV
Reach Fishing level 8 to unlock the Deluxe Worm Bin recipe in Stardew Valley (Image Credit: Waifu Simulator 27 on YouTube)

You get the recipe for Deluxe Worm Bin by reaching level 8 of fishing. Once you have unlocked it, you must collect one Worm Bin and 30 Moss to craft it. Worm Bin is another craftable whose recipe becomes available at level 4 of fishing. It requires 15 Hardwood, 1 Gold Bar, 1 Iron Bar, and 50 Fiber. Meanwhile, Moss is collected from the trees, forming a green texture at their trunks. When you have all the ingredients, go to the Crafting, make, and place it. It will give you 4 to 5 pieces of the bait every morning. You can only use it with Fiberglass, Iridium, and Advanced Iridium Rods.

That is all you can do to get the Deluxe Bait and Deluxe Worm Bin in Stardew Valley. For more interesting topics like this, check out our SDV guides. We have covered topics like how to attach bait and make a Mushroom Log for growing mushrooms.