Where To Find And How To Get Ash Zebra Bait In Adopt Me

Get the Ash Zebra Bait before Adopt Me's into the Fire Dimension event ends.

Looking for the Ash Zebra Bait in Roblox Adopt Me? Here is all you need to do to find and get it in the game. Ash Zebra and Flaming Zebra Baits are the two baits you can obtain before the event ends. The event ends on the 14th of September 2023. The Sky Castle has fallen, unlocking the portal to Fire Dimension. So you can take part in this event even if you can’t fly. Plus, you might win a Volcano Hat, Magma Throwing Disc, and Flame Balloon. So read along and get the bait.

How to Get Ash Zebra Bait in Roblox Adopt Me

Fire Dimension Adopt Me

To take part in this event you have to first navigate to the Fire Dimension. You can do that by tapping on the Fire Dimension from the left corner and selecting Navigate.

Adopt Me Fire Dimension Portal

  • The Sky Castle is in front of the garden. Just follow the arrow and you will reach the Fire Dimension portal.
  • Enter it, and you will see the cauldron.

Adopt Me Fire Fruits For Ash Zebra Bait

  • Now go around and collect fruits from glowing trees for Baits in Adopt Me.
  • Collect as many as you can without jumping in the lava. If you fall in the wrong lava pool, you will die and respawn near Tim.
  • The fruits regrow after some minutes, so you don’t have to risk crossing lava pools. But if you still want to, look for platforms that go up and down. They will help you reach the other side without any harm.
  • The cauldron has a cooldown period, so you don’t need to collect ingredients for more than one recipe at a time.
  • While it is cooling down you can go around and collect the ingredients for the next one. Plus, fruits will regrow till then.
  • Every time you use a cauldron, you get a Campfire Cookie.
  • Throw these cookies and Ash Zebra will eat them giving you items like Flame Balloon, Magma Throwing Disc, 30 Bucks, Molten Melon and Volcano Hat.
  • After feeding the 5th Campfire Cookie you will receive Ash Zebra Bait.

Can You Trade the Bait

You cannot trade Ash Zebra Bait before the end of the event. So if you find the collecting and cooking tiring, you can simply trade it with other players from the 14th of September 2023.

That’s all you have to do to find and collect ingredients for Ash Zebra Bait in Roblox Adopt Me. We have covered many topics from this Adopt Me, so if you are curious read how to get free pets and learn which are the rarest pets in the game.