Adopt Me: What Is The Rarest Pet?

Check out this guide to know the rarest pet one can acquire in Adopt me and raise their friendships with.

Want to know what is the rarest virtual pet that you can raise in Adopt Me? If yes, then this guide has got you covered with the answer. In this Roblox experience, players will be able to adopt and raise various kinds of pets. These can range from regular animals to mystical creatures and build their own homes. It has gone on to become one of the most popular and beloved games for players in the Roblox community. And while five different rarities of pets can be found in Adopt Me, acquiring legendary pets is a difficult ordeal for players. Even with the list of all of them a question still arises, who exactly is the rarest of them all? So if you are curious to find out, check out this guide to know more about it.

What is the Rarest Pet in Adopt Me?

monkey king legendary pet in adopt me
Image source CakesNshakes on YouTube

The Monkey King stands out to be the rarest pet that players will or would have come across in Adopt Me. The yellow and tan monkey with gold & red armor was first made available for players back in 2020 in the Monkey Fairground Event. To obtain the Monkey King as a pet, players needed 3 Staff Ingredients and a monkey at their disposal. While the monkey was a relatively easy pet to get in the game, players could only obtain Staff Ingredients from Premium Monkey Boxes made available in the event. The box was available for 195 Robux each and the drop chance for each Staff Ingredient was around 5%. This made it almost six times harder to get than an Albino Monkey in Adopt Me.

As the Monkey Fairground Event came to an end, the only way through which players can obtain the Monkey King is by trading pets with other players in Adopt Me. The Monkey King was inspired by the Chinese god Sun Wukong. And like him, the pet too has some tricks up his sleeves. Here are all the tricks he can learn gradually as he ages in the game:

  • Newborn: Sit
  • Junior: Lay Down
  • Pre-Teen: Beg
  • Teen: Joy
  • Post-Teen: Trick 1
  • Full Grown: Trick 2

That’s everything covered on what is the Rarest Pet in Adopt Me. If you are searching for some cute Adopt Me pet name ideas then we recommend you check out our guide on the following, right here on Gamer Tweak.