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Cute Adopt Me Pet Names Ideas 2023 (Best Nicknames)

Here are some cute nicknames for your Adopt Me pet and the steps to change its name in-game.

This list of cute Adopt Me pet names and nicknames will help you complete the first step in raising your little companion. While you can use the pet’s default name, giving it a new one can help you bond with it, especially if you are invested in the roleplaying world of this game. In case you are confused or looking for some unique, cool and awesome names for your Dragon, Kangaroo, Cerberus, Kitsune, Unicorn, or any other pet, we’ve got ideas for you.

Note: The character limit for naming your Adopt Me pet is 120 characters and the nicknames listed below follow those guidelines.

Cute Adopt Me Pet Names Ideas 2023

Milkshake Cupcake Pocahontas Cinnamon Bloo Beeyonce
Mocha Goldie Rapunzel Pepper Bambi Percy
Moony Snuggles Ursula Ginger Dizzy Millie
Peanut Cuddles Mulan Sage Dumbo Holly
Fluffy Rainbow Ariel Rosemary Felix Dream
Muffin Limon Teddy Nutmeg Genie Lilo
Cookie Princess Aurora Pretzel Flynn Cleo
Honey Pie Qwaso Bolt Macaron Hei Hei Louie
Pumpkin Bubbles Buzz Chip vanilla Meeko
Bumblebee Buttercup Anny Chuck Emma Mowgli
Twinkle Minnie Abigail Twix Cardi Bee Nemo
Butter Mickey Melon Nacho Lavender Winnie
Coco Simba Brownie Cheerio Puddles Mr Donut
Milo Skittles Boba Noodle Ratatouille Mr Moo
Stella Mabel Kiwi Poodle Firefly Mamamoo
Scout Crystal Nugget Goose Paisley Nutella
Angel Aladdin Loony Birdie Splash Sprinkles
Bailey Goofy Potato Topaz Lola Sugar
Cooper Pluto Bella Pearl Flora Olaf
Lola Tinker Bell Betty Coral Sneezy Patch
Luna Elsa Clover Amber Thumper Patches
Slushie Merida Iris Jade Timon Piglet
Blossom Jasmine Dahlia Moana Yzma Pua
Willow Waddle Rainy Indigo Zazu Pumba
Sunshine Pulse Rosie Violet Hugo Raya
Sapphire Minty Lucky Ivory Hiro Remy
Slurpie Marley Paris Chonk Oakley Russell
Snowflake Snowy Pastel Chunk Kiki Scar

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How to Change Pet’s Name in Adopt Me?

If you are planning to use one of the pet nicknames mentioned above or create an original one of your own, you need to know how to edit and change your pet’s name. Here’s how:

  1. First, interact with your pet by pressing E on your keyboard.
    how to change pet name or nickname adopt me
  2. You will see multiple options. Click on Dress up.
  3. At the top of the screen, you will see the pet’s default name. Click on the pencil icon.
    how to change pet nicknames adopt me
  4. A new window will appear where you can type your pet’s new name.
  5. Click on Save and close the menu. Your pet should be renamed now.

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Hopefully, these Adopt Me pet names ideas were useful to inspire you to choose a cute, funny or unique nickname for your in-game pet. If you are curious to know if your favorite game Adopt Me is shutting down this year or not, here’s what you need to know.