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How To Get Free Pets In Adopt Me

Know how you can get free Pets in Adopt Me. Also know, where to find them.

Getting Free Pets in Adopt Me is extremely helpful for new players as it is expensive to buy them. You have to collect different Pets and take care of them to level up. This game has a variety of them and requires a lot of Robux to unlock them. However, you can get some pets without spending real money that many players don’t know about. So, let’s find out how to get Pets for free.

How to Adopt Pets for Free in Adopt Me

Pets In Adopt Me

There are many ways to get free Pets in Adopt Me. Here are some of them.

  • You can get a free Starter Egg from Mr. Woofington when you start the game. Hatch this Egg by completing objectives and you will have your first Free Pet.
  • You can use in-game Money to buy Eggs and then hatch them to get Pets. Money can be earned by completing tasks. You can buy Cracked Egg for $350, Pet Egg for 600, and Royal Egg for $1450 in the Nursery.
  • Stars are rewarded as log-in rewards in this game. Collect them to unlock new Pets for your character.
  • There are many secret locations in this game where you can find free Pets. Sometimes you may also get legendary and neon Pets by exploring secret places.
  • You can also trade Pets with other players. To successfully trade a pet, you must negotiate with another player and mutually decide the trade. You can get exclusive Pets depending on your negotiation skills.

So, these were some of the ways to get free Pets and eventually save a lot of money in this game.

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