How To Find And Buy Wings In Adopt Me

Change the wings of your pets and fly with style in Adopt Me.

There are many kinds of Wings players can get in Adopt Me. They come in different rarities, such as common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary. You can make your Owl wear Fairy Wings, or your Dog wear Gull Wings. Fantastical Wings and Ember Wings would look great on Wolf and Bloodhound. Capricorn with Rainbow Cloud Wings will look pretty cute too. There are plenty of combinations to try, so read along and learn where you can get these Wings in the game.

Where Are Wings in Adopt Me and How to Buy Them

How To Find And Buy Wings In Adopt Me

You get Wings from Standard Wing Chest and Regal Wing Chest of Sky Castle in Adopt Me. You will see Sky Castle from the Nursery, it is in the Sky. To reach that castle, you have to either fly there with your pet or become a baby and have someone take you there. Once you enter the castle, take the stairs to find a door. Enter from that door, and you will find the area with two chests. The chest mechanism of Adopt Me is chance based, so you might not get the desired Wings on the first try. To fly you need Fly-A-Pet Potion, which is purchased from Shop, Sky Castle, and can be obtained from trading.

Standard Wing Chest is a legendary accessory box that you can purchase for 600. The wings you get from the chest can only be seen when pets are flying. At the time of writing the most common wings you get from Standard Chest are Paper Wings and Balloon Wings. And Ultra-Rare and Legendary wings you obtain from these Adopt Me chests are Owl Wings and Macaw Wings.

Regal Wing Chest is a legendary accessory box that you buy with Robux. You can change the default wings of your pet with the wings you get from this chest. To change the wings of your already-winged pet, you can go to your backpack while you are in the air. Then go to the Wings section and use the wings you want your pet to wear in Adopt Me. Watery Wings are the most common wings while writing. And the prettiest wings are Clockwork Wings of Ultra-Rare.

These are all the ways to get Wings in Adopt Me. We have covered several Adopt Me guides, so if you are interested, check this dedicated list. And start by reading how to get Neon Ribbon and find out who are the Legendary pets.