V Rising: How To Get Reinforced Planks

Wondering how you can obtain Reinforced Planks in V Rising? Here are the steps you will have to take to get this valuable crafting item.

Even though you will have to collect a ton of materials in this game to craft the items and workstations you want, one of the most sought-after resource will be Reinforced Planks in V Rising. After you begin crafting a few items, you will realize that this resource is an important ingredient and you will need to quickly get it. If you need help with this, here’s the process you need to follow in order to get this valuable material so that you can use it for upgrades and to create various items.

How to Get Reinforced Planks in V Rising

How To Get Reinforced Planks In V Rising
Image Credits – V Rising Wiki

If you want to start collecting Reinforced Planks in V Rising, you will first have to get its crafting recipe. This will be unlocked once you face Vincent the Frostbringer. This level 44 boss can be found roaming near the southern regions of the Dunley Farmlands.

However, defeating him won’t be that easy as he will be guarded by two random militia enemies. After he is defeated he will drop the crafting recipe for Reinforced Plank. Once you have unlocked the recipe, the next step will be to get the materials required to craft it. Here are the items you will need for this:

After you have collected these materials, you will have to add them to the Sawmill workstation to convert them into Reinforced Planks in V Rising.

How to Use Reinforced Planks in V Rising

Reinforced Planks in V Rising can be used while crafting a plethora of recipes. Merciless Iron Greatsword, Iron Castle Key, Dark Silver Slashers, Barrel Disguise, Prison Cell, and Athenaeum are just a few of the items and structures you can create using this valuable resource.

We have covered everything you need to know to get Reinforced Planks in V Rising. If you are interested in learning more about this game, make sure to go through all our other V Rising guides and find out how you can get Sawdust, Servant Coffin, and Human form.