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Where To Find Flaming Flower Stamen In Genshin Impact

Wondering how to get Flaming Flower Stamen location in Genshin Impact? Check out this guide to know where to find it.

Flaming Flower Stamen in Genshin Impact is an item that you can use for multiple purposes. It will also be useful during the Five Flushes of Fortune Event where you are asked to take photos of red objects. This item is most definitely red so here’s the Flaming Flower Stamen Location in Genshin Impact that will make your search easier.

Flaming Flower Stamen Location in Genshin Impact


You can either find Flaming Flower Stamen while exploring the wild or you can head to the Thousand Winds Temple to speed up your process. When you travel to the Thousand Winds Temple region, you will see some Flaming Flower Stamen in Genshin Impact. This item can be found in grassy regions so that is what you need to look for while exploring.

Once you spot it, approach it and use either ice of water attack so choose a character, like Kaeya, that has a Hydro or Cryo skill. This will extinguish it and you can pick it up.

Want to get ALL locations of Flaming Flower Stamen all over the Genshin Impact map? Check out the map below. Head over to the interactive map to zoom and check every location.


Flaming Flower Stamen Location

How to Use Flaming Flower Stamen

Flaming Flower Stamen comes in handy while crafting Flaming Essential Oil which needs 1 Frog as well. Plus, you can craft Heatshield Potion which needs Butterfly Wings and Warming Bottle which needs 2 Starsilver.


Flaming Flower Stamen is described as the stamen of a burning flower (a fiercely burning one). The surprising thing is that even after it is extinguished, heat will still be emitted.

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