How to Use Kurious Kamera In Genshin Impact

Here's a quick guide on how to complete Kurious Kamera quest in Genshin Impact.

Five Flushes of Fortune event is underway in Genshin Impact and it will run until February 10, 2021. Everyone wants to participate in this amazing event but it can only be accessed by players who have Adventure Rank 20 and have already completed Kurious Kamera World quest.

To complete the Kurious Camera quest, players will have to find Ji Tong, who has a faulty Kamera (camera)  and wants you to click some colourful photos. If you don’t know where to find Ji Tong for Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin Impact then you can check out the following screenshot.

Ji Tong Location

When you get to the above-mentioned location, you will find Ji Tong standing near the bridge. When you approach him and have a talk, he will hand over his faulty camera to you, which marks the end of Kurious Camera quest.

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Once you have obtained the Kurious Kamera, now it is time to learn how to use it and click colourful photos that can get you rewards when exchange to Ji Tong. The rewards you will get for exchanging photos are Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Mora and more.

Without any further, let’s learn how to take photos using Kurious Kamera in Genshin Impact.

How To Use Kurious Kamera in Genshin Impact

Using Kurious Kamera (Camera) in Genshin Impact is a bit complicated. Once you get the Kurious Kamera, you will have to go into the Gadget inventory and equip it. When you do so, you will see a Camera option appearing on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Kurious Kamera Location

Clicking on that icon will allow you to access to a viewfinder. Now, it is your duty to point the viewfinder to any object such as flowers of fruit to take their photos. It should be noted that the colour of the item that you are capturing with the Kurious Kamera might not be the same with the colour you will obtain from taking photos.

Red Item Apple

So, make sure to click photos of all the items that you encounter throughout your journey in Genshin Impact.

One more thing that you should always keep in mind is you can take photos of the same type of items multiple times but you can only capture each individual object once. It would not cause any problem because there are numerous items scattered throughout the map.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete and use Kurious Kamera in Genshin Impact. While here, ensure reading about how to get Royal Longsword and how to obtain Lithic Spear in Genshin Impact.