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Genshin Impact: How To Cook A Triple-Layered Consomme

Here's a quick guide on where to find the recipe of Triple Layered Consomme.

‘Return of the Jade Chamber’ is one of many quests added into Genshin Impact through update 1.3. This quest tasks players to find a recipe and cook a Triple Layered Consomme for Qingzhou over in Wangshu Inn.

Since it has not been a day since this quest added to Genshin Impact, there are tons of players who have been wondering where to find the recipe and make a Triple Layered Consomme. In this guide, we will not only show you where to find the recipe but also explain how to cook a delicious Triple Layered Consomme in Genshin Impact.

Triple-Layered Consomme Recipe

Finding the Triple Layered Consomme’s recipe is not complicated. You simply need to pay a visit to Chef Mao at the Wanmin Restaurant, which can be found in Liyue Harbor. Before heading to that restaurant, make sure your Adventure Rank is 40 or higher.

Once you reach the Restaurant but did not find the recipe then you might already have the same in your inventory. You simply need to head to any cooking station and browse through your menu.

Genshin Impact: How to Make a Triple-Layered Consomme

Here are all ingredients that you will need to cook a Triple Layered Consomme:

  • Ham x2
  • Fowl x2
  • Bamboo Shoot x1
  • Mushroom x1

If you have been playing Genshin Impact for days and obtaining all the recipe coming on your way in Teyvat then you must have all the ingredients that you will need to cook a Triple Layered Consomme. Those who don’t have the required materials should know that all ingredients can also be purchased from Chef Mao if you have enough in-game currency.

Since Ham is a processed ingredient, it requires you to have 2 Raw Meat and A Salt to get it prepared. Bamboo Shoots and Mushroom are found in the wild, while you can easily obtain Fowl by killing an animal the wild. Once you accumulate all the required materials, find a cooking station and make the Triple Layered Consomme.

Once cooked, Triple Layered Consomme will increase all party member’s Shield Strenght by 20% to30% for 300s.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find the recipe and make a Triple Layered Consomme in Genshin Impact. While here, you might want to read about how to get Royal Longsword and how to obtain Lithic Spear in Genshin Impact.