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How To Claim Fortune Trove In Genshin Impact

Here's how to claim Fortune Trove during the Five Flushes of Fortune event.

The Five Flushes of Fortune event is something that will give you some awesome rewards like Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit as well as Mystic enhancement ores. During this event, you will be asked to claim a Fortune Trove in Genshin Impact from Ji Tong. This will help you successfully complete the event. So how should you go about it and what exactly do you need to do it? Find out here.

Genshin Impact Fortune Trove


How To Claim Fortune Trove Genshin Impact

With the help of Ji Tong’s Kurious Kamera, you will be able to take photos of items of certain colors. You can find the items throughout the map. Note that you will be given ten films in a day so you can take ten photos daily. You can claim the Fortune Trove in Genshin Impact when you collect five colors of film – Pale Gold, Purple Aster, Crimson, Ocher and Ultramarine. The color will be random but you can obtain it by taking photos. Once you have done that, go ahead and meet Ji Tong the merchant again in Liyue Harbor and talk to him. You will get the option to Claim Fortune Trove. Click on that and Confirm Exchange in order to get your rewards. You will see the guaranteed rewards and possible rewards on the screen while doing this.

Five Flushes of Fortune event


The rewards that you will get will include 60 Primogems, lots of Mora, 24 Mystic enhancement ores and 12 Hero’s Wit. You can claim 8 Troves over the course of the event which lasts 10 days.

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