How To Deal With Garbage Piling Up In Cities Skylines 2

Can’t manage the garbage piling up in Cities Skylines 2? Here is all you can do to manage waste.

Waste management is one of the biggest challenges in modern cities. Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors all produce tons of garbage daily. With the closed structure and expensive lands, places that process, recycle, or incinerate them become more scarce. It is important to build structures that can manage them before you start facing the issue of garbage piling up in Cities Skylines 2. The game is well-made, dealing with the challenges we often face and those we have become used to in cities. Letting us explore the possible solutions to deal with those.

In Cities Skylines 2, you are free to design your cities by combining the pros of different cities. And make the one that is perfect in all aspects, from waste management to employment and education to development. But the piling up of trash in Cities Skylines 2 can affect the health and life of your citizens. Even resulting in mass death waves. Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out the best solutions.

How to Deal with Garbage Piling Up in Cities Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 Garbage Management Guide
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There are four structures that you can build to deal with the Garbage piling up in Cities Skylines 2. As not all facilities are permanent or pollution-free, it is best to build them far from the residential zone, yet connected with roadways. But that also differs depending on the nature of these structures. Read along to know more about them, including where to place them:


Landfills are the cheapest and the fastest way of managing waste in the game. But they aren’t the permanent solution, once they are filled, you’ll have to expand them or deal with the waste collected there. Some structures will deal with the waste produced there, but the upkeep of those places is more than the Landfill. Now, talking about where to place them. It is best to place them far from the residential area, as they create pollution. And assign the operating districts for each Landfill you build.

Incineration Plant

Incineration Plants produce some air pollution, but they are the best way of dealing with the trash. They’ll collect and burn the garbage to create energy. Building them near the Landfill will be best. But don’t build too many Incineration Plants or the city will start importing garbage and eventually stop collecting them.

Recycling Center

Similar to the Incineration Plant, it is best to not build many Recycling Centers, as they might start importing garbage. And build near the Landfill. The work of this facility is to collect and turn the trash into something useful, as the name suggests. So you can even export the produced materials.

Industrial Waste Processing

This is the most expensive and effective facility for managing garbage in Cities Skylines 2. But you can only build one in a city. So build it in an industrial zone or near an industrial area. This will decrease the Industrial Ground Pollution a lot and give decent Development Points. Sadly, there is no upgrade for it.

With this, you can deal with garbage piling up in Cities Skylines 2. A city requires a lot of things to run smoothly from waste management to education and employment. And that is not easy, so skim through our Cities Skylines 2 guides and learn how to deal with High Rent, Traffic, and other issues.