How To Manage Cities Skylines 2 Traffic (Best Ways)

If you want to manage the Cities Skylines 2 Traffic, your town might have its fair share of busy roads. With bad traffic, the citizens involved are prone to accidents and getting injured. Eventually, the injured citizens have an increased chance of dying as a result. So, managing the traffic is one of the most crucial factors while building your town. You can use the traffic stats and fix any underlying issues for efficient road connectivity. But since there can be many reasons for the traffic jams, we have compiled the best ways to deal with it. So, check out our guide to find out how to manage Traffic in CS2.

How to Manage Traffic in Cities Skylines 2

Here are the best ways to manage and deal with traffic in Cities Skylines 2:

Use Traffic Infoview

Before you start managing the traffic, you should know the traffic flow and volume in your city. For that, you can use the Traffic infoview in CS2. This offers you an overall insight about the road network indicating how smooth the vehicles flow. The higher number of the traffic flow means no jams are flowing while the lower number indicates the bottlenecks that can potentially appear. Once you switch to the Traffic volume, it indicates the total number of vehicles traveling on the road network. Furthermore, it also displays the rush hours during different times of the day.

Have Alternative Routes

Quite obviously, having alternative routes is the best way to manage traffic in Cities Skylines 2. You can convert some routes into one-way roads for less congestion. You can also upgrade to bigger roads to prevent traffic jams in your town. However, ensure to keep the speed and condition of your roads to reduce accidents. Since you know your city the best, create quick and convenient routes for feasibility.

Build Parking Areas

manage traffic cities skylines 2
Image Source: Paradox Interactive via Steam.

You can also build parking areas close to the residential or industries to reduce the traffic jams. Using these designated parking spots, you can also earn revenue from the parking fees. Furthermore, this can help you eliminate the issue of street parking. As a result, your lanes and roads would only be used for the vehicles. So, make sure to build these parking spots in the areas that can be easily populated.

Use Public Transportation

Lastly, public transportation is a great way to reduce traffic jams. Once you unlock the transportation tab, you can build specific routes for metros, trucks, and buses. As you do so, more citizens will rely on them rather than private vehicles. Similar to building parking spots, this can help you generate revenue with transportation fares.

Ultimately, you can also devise more strategies and plans for efficient traffic management. In the end, it all depends on your experience and desired play style. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

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