V Rising Frostmaw The Mountain Terror Location & Boss Fight

Check out our guide on how to find and beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising.

As a vampire regaining his strength while hiding from the Sun, you will encounter several V Bosses in V Rising. While you extract their V Blood, you receive several vampire powers and abilities. When you reach level 56, you face up against Frostmaw the Mountain terror. You might need to hunt him down before facing this brutal V boss. But defeating him unlocks a crafting recipe and a vampire power. So, here’s our guide on how to find and beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising.

V Rising Frostmaw the Mountain Terror Location

You can find him near the corridors of the Hallowed Mountains surrounded by the snow located to the north of the Sacred Mountains. As you pass through the snowy corridors, find this boss ready to fight until you are not undead. You can also track his blood down at the Blood Altar for a trail. Once you have selected the “Track blood” option, follow the blood trail to reach his location.

How to Beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising

  • As the name of this V boss already suggests, he is a terrifying frost creature that will start attacking as he notices you.
  • If you are at a medium-range while fighting him, he will inflict frost projectiles and charge closer towards you.
  • The best way to negate the icy projectiles would be to dodge and use a shield.
  • You can use the chaos abilities like Chaos Valley and Chaos Barrier for defense.
  • You can also use the skellies as they are large in number to distract him.
  • If you get hit by his projectiles, it can freeze and stun you for a while.
v rising frostmaw mountain terror location boss fight guide
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  • In addition to that, you need to be careful of his ground-slam attack as it can inflict heavy damage.
  • You can use healing consumables to replenish and regain your health. As an alternative, you can also use the Blood Mend ability for healing.
  • We suggest maintaining a distance while fighting him. If you have General’s Soul Reaper weapon, it can inflict quite a damage to this boss.
  • You can use a shield to block his melee attacks. As he comes closer, you can dash into him to inflict some damage.
  • You need to constantly switch between offense and defense. Keep a safe distance and use ranged attacks upon him.

Once you have defeated him, you will unlock the crafting recipe for Scrolls and the Ice Nova power.

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