Monopoly Go Friends Not Showing Up

Don't know why friends not showing up in Monopoly Go? Try these possible fixes.

Not sure why friends not showing up in Monopoly Go. Here is all we know about the issue and possible fixes. This problem has been bothering players for quite some time. It usually gets fixed after some time and pops up again afterward. Though it gets fixed for some users, some still struggle and wait for it to work. So we tried to understand the issue and made this list of possible fixes. Try them to resolve the issue and contact Customer Support if it keeps occurring.

Why Are Friends Not Showing Up in Monopoly Go? How to Fix

Why Are Friends Not Showing Up in Monopoly Go

Clear Cache and Restart

Caches help you load and use sites and apps faster, but if they are incomplete, they will hinder the process. So start by clearing the cache. Go into the game info from your device settings and tap on the Clear Cache. The game will take some data to again download the caches, but the issue shouldn’t bother you now. If still your friends not showing up in Monopoly Go, then try the other methods.

Check Server Status

Go to the game’s official social handle and check if any server maintenance where scheduled for the time. During server maintenance, you either become unable to log in to the game or the game doesn’t work properly. So make sure you are not using it while maintenance is going on.

Update Monopoly Go

Go to the app store and check for updates. Updates come with fixes, so it is best to keep your game updated. Once you have updated it to the latest version, check if the friends not showing up in the Monopoly Go issue is fixed or not.

Check the Internet Connection

The game is not offline, so a stable internet connection is a must for it. Make sure your internet speed is sufficient and working. You can check the speed by going to Google and searching internet speed test. And then tap on the Run speed test to get the result. Switch your network if it’s weak, or contact the internet provider.

Disconnect and Reconnect

To disconnect the account, go to Settings from the main menu. The main menu is a list icon in the upper right corner. Press the Connect Account button from the bottom of this page. If your Google Play or Apple Account is saved, you can simply tap the Disconnect button. Once it’s disconnected, tap on Sign in with Google or Apple to reconnect.

That’s all about the Friends not showing up in the Monopoly Go issue and possible fixes. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Monopoly Go guides. We have covered the free Rolls hack and how to get Unlimited Dice in the game.