Why Is Fortnite Giving Away 950 V-Bucks To Players?

Fortnite is giving away 950 V-Bucks to all players and players are wondering why. If you are confused by this surprise from Epic Games, you can check all about it here.

Fortnite players must have logged in to a very pleasant surprise from Epic Games. There were 950 V-Bucks along with a thank you note from Epic Games waiting for players. While there is no need to question why you are getting some free gifts, players are finding it too good to be true. If you are concerned whether there would be some kind of conditions attached, here’s everything you need to know on why Fortnite is giving away 950 V-Bucks to players.

While there have been events where players could earn free V-Bucks, none of these have been such where you just get them without doing anything. This is one of the reasons why Fortnite players are confused with the gift that they received from Epic Games.

Why Fortnite is Giving Away 950 V-Bucks to Players?

Fortnite Gives Free 950 V-Bucks to All Players
Image via Epic Games

Currently, Epic Games has not disclosed the reason why Fortnite is giving away 950 V-Bucks to all players. However, players expect this to be a way in which the developers are thanking players for their patience during long downtime durations in the recent patch note releases. Since the maintenance time has gone up, many players have found it to be quite annoying and often bugging their game time. Fortunately, the V-Bucks might be a good way for the developers to calm the players.

950 V-Bucks are almost enough for players to get a Battle Pass so it’s a huge gift from Epic’s behalf. However, it’s most likely a one-time event. If you still haven’t received your free 950 V-Bucks in Fortnite, wait a little since the process might be a little slow and time-consuming. Nevertheless, with so much maintenance going on, you are bound to get it sooner or later.

That’s all you will need on why Fortnite is giving away 950 V-Bucks to players. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Fortnite guides in our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.