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Elden Ring – How To Get Flower Weapon

Check out our guide on how to get the Flower Bouquet Weapon in Elden Ring.

Most of the players don’t strike the White-masked, Varre, to not lock down his questline in Elden Ring. But with a perfect opportunity, you can strike him down finally. Upon his defeat, he will give you a weapon that looks like a bouquet of Rose flowers. As confusing as it sounds, this bouquet is a hammer. Imagine how cool a hammer that looks like a bouquet of roses would be? You can flex this weapon on your enemies during duels or PvP matches. Some might even fail to realize it is a hammer. But you cannot get this weapon by striking and defeating him anytime. So, here’s our guide on how to get the Flower weapon in Elden Ring.

How to Get Flower Weapon in Elden Ring


You can get the Flower weapon from the White masked Varre after defeating and exhausting all his dialogues.

Follow these steps to get the Flower or Rose Weapon:


flower weapon elden ring
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  • As you defeat him, you will return to your world. You will find defeated Varre laying on the ground.
  • Talk to him and exhaust all his conversations.
  • After you have exhausted all the talk, he will give you the following items:
    • Varre’s Bouquet
    • 6 Festering Bloody Finger
  • As mentioned, this bouquet is a pretty great hammer weapon. It deals with Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane attributes.
  • Varre’s bouquet also inflicts Blood loss or Hemorrhage status effect upon enemies.
  • This flower-bouquet hammer has a unique weapon skill of Blood Tax.
  • While you cannot apply Ashes of war onto this weapon, you can upgrade it using Somber Smithing Stones.
  • In addition to that, you can also boost this weapon with consumables and magic.

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