Not Enough Electricity In Palworld – How To Fix

Here is how you can get rid of the ‘Not Enough electricity’ message in Palworld and get back to building your base.

In Palworld players will be able to explore this immersive open world, build structures, catch Pals, and fight dangerous creatures. While you are taking advantage of all these different aspects of this game, you will also come across some issues that will prevent you from moving forward and leveling up.

Similarly, many Palworld fans have been encountering the message ‘Not Enough Electricity’ while they are building structures at their base or crafting items. Therefore, here we have listed the steps you can take to eradicate this electricity issue and get back to enjoying your well lit-up base.

How to Increase Electricity Supply in Palworld

Crafting the Power Generator Strcutre in Palworld
Building the Power Generator structure in Palworld

Capture electricity-generating Pals

You will get the ‘Not Enough Electricity’ pop-up on your screen when you aren’t able to produce enough energy to sustain all the machines or structures that use electricity. As a result, your first step will be to capture Pals that have electricity producing abilities. Similarly, you can catch Sparkit, Orserk, Rayhound, Mossanda Lux, Beakon, etc.

Build more Power Sources

After you have captured any electricity-generating Pal, you will then have to build the Power Generator structure. This structure can be built once you have unlocked level 26 and you will have to spend 50 Ingots and 20 Electric Organs in order to craft this item.

Start the Generator

Once your Power Generator is built, you can use the electricity-generating Pals you have captured and place them near the structure. This structure will then let your Pal store electrical power and distribute it to the other electrical facilities at your base. Additionally, make sure to use all your power sources efficiently.

These are all the steps you have to take to fix the ‘Not Enough Electricity’ issue you are facing. If you are interested in knowing more about this open-world survival game, make sure to browse through our guide on how you can create and join a Guild and find out how many Pals can you have in your party, all available here on Gamer Tweak.