How Many Pals Can You Have In Your Party in Palworld?

Check out here to know how many Pals can you have in your Party in Palworld.

Throughout your journey in Palworld, you will have the opportunity to catch several Pals. You need them in combat, and they can also help you do chores at your Base. You would want to collect every exotic Pal you come across. However, one thing to note is that you can’t have unlimited Pals in your Party, Palbox, and Base. You will eventually run out of space to place these Pals. That said, it is crucial that you know the limit of Pals you can carry.

To help you with that, we will tell you how many Pals you can have in Palworld. This includes all three locations – Party, Palbox, and the Base.

How Many Pals can you have in your Party, Palbox, and Base?

How Many Pals can you have in your Party, Palbox, and Base
Image Source: ZaFrostPet (YouTube)

In Palworld, you can have a maximum of 5 Pals in your Party. It does not matter if all the Pals are different, as you can also have 5 Duplicate Pals. Once the Party limit is over, all the Pals you catch will be sent directly to your Palbox.

Speaking of the Palbox, having 480 Pals in your Palbox is possible. I mean, that’s what the current limit is. From there, you can Deploy Pals to work on the Base or join the Party. Similarly, you can remove Pals from your Party or Base and put them in the Palbox. If you want to get rid of a Pal, you can sell it to a trader or butcher it for meat.

Aside from this, it is possible to have 15 working Pals on your Base in Palworld. Also, note that you can build three Bases with 15 Pals on each. So that means you can have 45 working Pals in total.

I suggest you plan accordingly on whether or not to have a specific Pal at the Base or in your Party. That’s because neglecting a Pal for too long can make them Depressed and decrease their efficiency. The only way to fix them is to send them back to the Palbox for recovery or use a High-Grade Medical Supply.

I hope you now have your thoughts cleared about the limit of Pals you can have in your Party, Base, and Palbox. If you want to learn more, please check out our other Palworld Guides on Gamer Tweak.