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Starfield Fitness Challenge Bug (Fix)

Unable to progress in the Fitness Skill Tree Challenge in Starfield? Here's what you can do to resolve this issue.

A mysterious Bug has restricted players from completing the Fitness Skill Challenge in Starfield. For those who don’t know, you are required to deplete your O2 level to complete this skill challenge. However, due to this bug, players are unable to make any progress even after using up all the available oxygen in the tank. So, what can be done to get rid of it? Keep scrolling to learn about it.

How to Fix the Starfield Fitness Challenge Bug

There’s an entire Reddit Post where players have addressed their disappointment about this bug. Some of them were able to figure out a way to get past it. We have compiled all those solutions for you here in one place. That said, take a look below to learn a few ways to resolve the Fitness Challenge Bug in Starfield:

NarutoKage1469 (Reddit User) says that you need to deplete your O2 and fill up the CO2 completely. Only then the progress for the challenge will be counted. To do so, you simply have to sprint from one place to another. While doing so, you can also complete the Weight Lifting challenge. In this case this doesn’t work, then try the below workaround.

Starfield Fitness Skill Challenge

Vox_Zone, another Reddit user, got the bugged Fitness Challenge fixed after following these steps:

  • Travel to the Space and carry tons of burden. This will help you deplete your O2 faster.
  • After that, start sprinting into your ship with full O2 and CO2.
  • Next, select your bed and go to sleep immediately after sprinting.
  • You will then wake up with 0% CO2 and O2.
  • Now, you can repeat these steps until you have ranked up in the Fitness Challenge.

Note that you should be in an environment that provides you with natural O2. Those with the Spaced Trait should perform the above steps in Space. And those who with the Terra Firma Trait should do it while on a Planet. Those with none of these Traits can do it anywhere.

Apart from the Fitness Challenge Bug in Starfield, there have been issues with quests as well. Operation Starseed and Into the Unknown, just to name a few. You can check out our guides to know how to progress in these quests too.

Also, now that you know how to fix the Fitness Challenge Bug in Starfield, make sure you progress in it. For more such informative content, you can check out our dedicated section for Starfield at Gamer Tweak. We have stacked up plenty of helpful guides for you there.

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