How To Complete First Contact Quest In Starfield? (All Outcomes)

Are you confused about the First Contact mission in Starfield? We'll explore the outcomes of Oliver's proposal.

Starfield’s First Contact side quest is one of the most intriguing missions. While it does not involve direct combat, it presents players with difficult choices that will shape the future of the Porrima. We’ll talk about all the steps of the First Contact quest.

Starfield First Contact Mission Walkthrough

How To Complete First Contact Quest In Starfield? (All Outcomes)

After speaking with Jiro Sugiyama and learning about the mysterious ship that has appeared in Porrima’s atmosphere, it’s time to make contact. Board your ship and fly out to where the ECS Constant is floating. Attempt to hail the ship, but you won’t get any response over the comms, no matter your choice. The only way to find out what’s happening is to dock with the ship and board it directly.

Enter the ECS Constant

When you enter the ECS Constant, you’ll be greeted by Captain Diana Brackenridge and the crew. Brackenridge will explain the ship’s situation – over 200 years ago, the original crew fled Earth to escape some unknown catastrophe. Rather than having access to light-speed travel, they were forced to take the slower route through normal space.

As a result, their descendants are just now arriving at their destination of Porrima II, long after their ancestors first set off. Talk to Brackenridge and the others to learn about their long journey and why they’re now stranded.

Start Negotiations with Oliver

After landing on Porrima II and speaking to Oliver at the Paradiso building, he will present you with three options to resolve the dispute over the colonists.

  • Taking The Settlement Deal
  • Purchasing The Grav Drive
  • Blowing The Reactor

All Outcomes of Oliver’s Proposal in First Contact

How To Complete First Contact Quest In Starfield? (All Outcomes)

Settling as Indentured Servants

If you choose to have the colonists settle as indentured servants, Oliver will task you with collecting resources to build housing. This involves gathering:

  • 10 lithium
  • 80 iron
  • 20 sealant
  • 40 fiber

While this seems to resolve the issue of where the colonists will live, it essentially makes them slaves to the corporation.

Purchasing a New Grav Drive

A better option is offering to buy a new grav drive from a shop in Porrima City for the colony ship. The parts initially cost 40,000 credits, but you can negotiate it down to 25,000 through persuasion. Once purchased, return to Diana on the ship. They will then leave to find a new homeworld.

Destroying the Reactor

The most tough choice is to sabotage the colony ship’s reactor. This involves sneaking past the engineer to get his key, hacking three terminals in engineering to adjust power levels, and then using the ship’s control system to trigger an emergency overdrive of the reactor.

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