Steffen Beckendorf Location Guide Sniper Elite 5: Where To Find Him?

Learn how to find & take out Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5 from this guide.

Sniper Elite 5 is the latest installment in the Series by Rebellion Developments. It brings back the feels of scoping to your target against real-world variables and hitting near-impossible shots. The game as simple as shooting with a rich & complex backstory makes for a really fun time. As a Sniper with the resistance, you have a list of big names from the Third Reich. One such name is Steffen Beckendorf, an officer of the Third Reich Army. He is your Target at the end of your first Mission, a big Target to be precise. In this guide, I will show you how to Find Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5 & how to assassinate him.

How to Find Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5

steffen beckendorf sniper elite 5

The assassination of Steffen Beckendorf is the final part of Mission 1: The Atlantic Wall in Sniper Elite 5. He is located to the south of the first Map. He will be in a vehicle patrolling the area so you will not find him in one place. This is what may have caused many players to completely miss him as it is unclear where he can be at any time. The best way to get him is to stage an Ambush. This is perfect as the Kill Challenge for Steffen Beckendorf is to kill him with Explosives.

Since you are setting up an Ambush, Silence & Stealth are your weapons. So you will have to get into position without alerting the surrounding personnel. The best position to set up the Ambush is at the junction a bit northeast of the house where Marcell is found, near Marcell’s Safehouse. Now you will have to just wait till you see Steffen Beckendorf in your sights. You can set up the Explosives beforehand or chuck them when he gets there. If you end up missing and he gets out of the car, then just aim for the Personnel with a high-ranking officer suit. That will be Steffen Beckendorf and you will be able to take him out.

This was all about finding Steffen Beckendorf in Sniper Elite 5. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like How To Use A Rat Bomb in Sniper Elite 5.