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New World: Where To Find Iron Nodes

Get iron and craft useful items.

You will need a great crafting skills level to excel in New World MMO. But to craft items, you will first have to collect some resources that will act as ingredients to make the craftable items. One of these resources that are useful for crafting multiple items is iron. You can find Iron nodes across the map, but a few locations can give you a decent amount of iron and grant a competitive edge in the game. Here are the locations where you can find iron in New World.

Where to Find Iron in New World?

When you have a mining skills level 25, you will be able to track iron ore nodes location from your map. While you will get the locations all around the map, here are a few locations with a decent amount of iron.

Iron Ore Nodes Locations

Until yet, we have found four good locations to find iron in New World. These four locations are:

Windsward, Dankfur Hollow

To the South of Windsward, Dankfur Hollow location are a few iron ore nodes that will give you a good amount of iron.

Monarch’s Bluffs Hamlet

This location is to the east of Monarch’s Bluffs Hamlet where you will find a couple of iron ore nodes.

First Light, Wolf Den

You will find a few iron ore nodes deep inside the Wolf Den at the first light location. These nodes can grant a huge amount of iron.

Leum’s Pick, Northfork

This area is located at Leum’s Pick alongside the Northfork point. You can easily get decent iron in this location.

These are all the locations where you can find iron in New World. Collect iron and craft useful items such as bullets in the game. You can also find other resources such as oil and fibers in New World. All these resources are useful to craft items from the workshop and get you all the equipment you want.