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How To Craft Bullets In New World

Make bullets in New World.

One of the many weapons in New World is Musket that requires bullets to fire. Unlike many other weapons in MMO RPGs, the bullets required for Musket cannot be found while exploring. Instead, players themselves have to craft bullets in New World. If you don’t know how to do so, follow this guide to learn.

How to Make Bullets in New World

To make bullets in New World, you need to go to an engineering workshop. You can locate the workshops from the map and head on to the location. Workshops allow you to craft bullets, bows, muskets, and various other items. There are two steps to make bullets in the game, first is to make gunpowder and then craft cartridges.

How to Make Gunpowder

In order to craft bullets in New World, you will first have to farm three collectibles and make gunpowder. You will require 10 charcoal, 1 fire mote, and 5 flints to prepare gunpowder. These items will make 10 gunpowder at a time. You can get charcoal by chopping relevant woods, flint is found on the coastlines, and fire mote is reaped from various plants. When you complete this first step, you can head on to make bullets in New World.

How to Craft Cartridges (bullets)

Crafting cartridges will require 5 gunpowder, 5 ingots, and 5 linen. This will craft 25 bullets in New World. Gunpowder is what you just made at the workshop. There are different types of ingots, you can choose the ingot based on what type of bullets you want. These ingots are made from their respective ores. Linen is prepared at the loom with the help of fibers that can be harvested from hemp plants.

That’s all the items that you will require to craft bullets in New World. You can also find other resources such as oil in the game. Oil can be used for crafting multiple useful items.