New World: Where To Find Oil (Oil Locations)

Mine Seeping Stones to get oil.

One of the many resources required to craft items in New World is Oil. But it is challenging not just to get oil but also to locate it. You won’t find oil nodes anywhere on the map as they are masked under the name Seeping Stones. Farming these Seeping Stones will give you the resource you are looking for. Here’s your guide on where to find oil in New World, or Seeping Stones to be more precise.

How to Get Oil in New World

Seeping Stones are really scarce in the New World. Also, there is a requirement that you will have to fulfill before heading out to find oil in New World. This requirement is mining skill level 20. Another optional requirement is of mining skill level 45, which will enable you to track oil on your compass.

Once you have a mining skill level 20, you can head to the menu and then resource location to find oil locations. There are various Seeping Stones spawned across the map, but to get a decent amount of oil, head to Weaver’s Fen in Pestilence.

Seeping Stones are usually located near mobs spawn locations. Hence, it is advisable to take your friends along for the mission. You should also ensure to have a pickaxe in the weapon slot to be able to easily find and mine oil in New World.

That’s where you should look to find oil in New World. You can also find and gather other useful resources such as fibers in New World. Fibers are gathered by harvesting hemp plants. They can help to craft items such as armors in New World and help your character grow strong.