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Where To Find Fibers In New World Quickly?

Find fibers to craft valuable items.

Amazon’s New World is an MMO RPG. The game includes various resources that can let players craft several important items. These items can help your character increases its stats and grow stronger. One such resource that you will find yourself longing for in New World is fiber. Fibers are scattered throughout Aeternum, but there are some specific locations where you can easily gather a decent amount of them. Follow this guide about where to find fibers in New World to farm them more easily.

Where to Farm Fibers in New World?


To get the locations head to the resource locations in your map menu. Here you will find the fiber’s icon and the areas where you can farm it. Head to these regions to gather fibers in New World. You won’t exactly get the fibers in those regions, instead, you will find hemp plants standing tall there. To locate the hemp plants easily, look out for purple-topped tall plants. When you find these hemp plants, start harvesting them to gather fibers.

You must also ensure that you have harvesting equipment in your weapon slot. A scythe can come in handy here to get fibers in New World. Hence, try to upgrade the scythe in the Forge option to harvest and get fibers and other farming resources more quickly.

Use the fibers to create linen in a nearby loom and then craft some armor with it. Crafting armor will increase your character’s defense stats and make it stronger.


Now you know everything about where to find fibers in New World and how to farm them. We will keep posting various New World guides, if you want to get some healthy tips and tricks and want to stay ahead of others in the game, make sure to check our guides section frequently. You can also check our news section to get the latest updates about the New World and other games.