Pikmin 4: How To Get Yorke (Rescue Guide)

Use this rescue guide to find and get Yorke of Pikmin 4 and learn why we need him in the game.

Wondering who is Pikmin 4 Yorke, where to find and why we need him. All these questions are answered here. Many players searched all areas they unlocked through main story missions but did not find this guy. If you are one of them, no need to worry, as this Castaway can only be found after finishing the main story. And is not even mentioned in Area to Explore, but another castaway called Nelle leads us to him. Also, you have to beat one Hocotate Freight employee to win him.

All About Pikmin 4 Yorke

All About Yorke Pikmin 4

You get Yorke by winning the Dandori Battle of Hot Sandy Duel in Pikmin 4. The battle will take place in Giant’s Hearth, the fifth area. Now, you have to first complete a main mission called Rescue Olimar to unlock the mission Cure Otachi, which leads to the search for Nelle and eventually Yorke. Cure Otachi will have several objectives, one of which is Rescue Nelle. While you are searching for Nelle in the Giant’s Hearth, you will stumble upon Pikmin 4 Don Bergman and Yorke. Don Bergman is found in places like Cradle of the Beast and Dream House. Yorke is seen in the eastern part of the area.

When you find Yorke, you will have to go through some dialogue, after which Dandori Duel with Louie will start. Win the duel and rescue Pikmin 4 Yorke. Yorke is a Treasure Hunter from Koppai planet, and he is the grandson of famous Koppai scientist Dr.Drake, so he is good with communication devices. And once you have rescued him, he will make some changes to increase the range of the radar. These changes will help you in Primordial Thicket.

This is all you need to know about Yorke of Pikmin 4. If this guide was informative for you and you are looking for more Pikmin 4 guides. Read how to get Rock Onion and how to save files in the game.