How To Unlock Primordial Thicket In Pikmin 4

Want to get to the final area and complete Pikmin 4? Here is how you can unlock Primordial Thicket.

Many players are not sure how to unlock Primordial Thicket in Pikmin 4. It is the final main area of the game and is set in a large muddy forest. You have plenty of things you can do here, like defeating the last boss to complete the game. Or do side activities like exploring the different caves to find treasures, rescues, and challenges.

But before you get to all that there are a few things you must do. This involves saving two other characters and collecting enough Sparklium for the last area. So here is how you can unlock and get to the Primordial Thicket in Pikmin 4.

How to Unlock Primordial Thicket in Pikmin 4

Pikmin 4 how to Get to Primordial Thicket

To unlock Primordial Thicket, you have to first save Don Bergman & Yorke and also need to collect a minimum of 13,000 Sparklium. After you have these prerequisites, you can talk to Colin at Giant’s Hearth and Primordial Thicket should now be available as location where you can travel to. Here is how you get them:

  • Don Bergman: In order to rescue him, you need to go to Giant’s Hearth and defeat Man-At-Legs Boss. In this area, you can also find the Gamecube controller treasure. Don is the Koppaite castaway that can give you info on Nelle.
  • Yorke: Just like Don, to save Yorke you have to go to Giant’s Hearth. Beat Louie in a Dandori Hot Sandy Duel for it.
  • Sparklium: You can get Sparklium by collecting treasures and enemy corpses. There is a good chance you already have enough Sparklium by now.

Primordial Thicket Treasures & Caves

There are 3 caves here, they are The Mud Pit, Subterranean Swarm, and Cavern for a King. Throughout the surface and the caves you can find 70 different treasures. You can also do 3 challenges here, these are:

  • Oasis of Order
  • Toggle Training
  • Cliff-hanger’s Hold

That’s all on how to Unlock & get to the Primordial Thicket in Pikmin 4. Be sure to check out our Pikmin 4 section for more help on other topics of this game.