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Pikmin 4 How To Get Rock Onion Guide (Black Pikmin)

This is all you have to do to find and collect Black Rock Onion in Pikmin 4 and get pellets.

The Black Rock Onion of Pikmin 4 is one of the rarest Pikmin Onions you will find here. There are several types and colors of Onion players get all over the map. From caves to surfaces from day to night, nature and obtaining methods of onions vary. But they are crucial for creating more Pikmin and collecting pellets. Gathering Red, Yellow, and Blue Onions is not very difficult, but the search becomes hard with Ice, Rock, and Pink Onions. And is toughest with the White and Purple one, so get the black one as soon as possible and prepare for the White and Purple one.

How to Find and Get Black Rock Onion in Pikmin 4

Find Black Rock Onion In Pikmin 4

Black Rock Onion is obtained from Giant’s Hearth. You unlock this zone after rescuing Olimar. So if you have rescued him, go to the location highlighted in the southern part of the map.

  • There you will see a gate, hold Y and go to the Pack. Select any explosive items like Bomb Rocks and throw them on the gate. If you are using Bomb Rocks, use a minimum of three for demolishing the wall.
  • Enter from the gate and get near the grass patch. Throw something on it to awaken the giant monster Sovereign Bulblax of Pikmin 4.
  • The first attack it usually uses is Scream, so get far from it. It will easily consume whatever you throw in its mouth, so throw Ultra-Spicy Spray and Bomb Rocks to weaken it.
  • The monster is slow but has heavy attacks. You must avoid its Jump attacks and make the moves while it is engaged in that move.
  • Defeat it and go to the right side to find the Black Rock Onion of Pikmin 4.
  • Throw at least 30 Pikmins to dig out the Onion.
  • Then carry the Onion and monster out from the same gate. Make the Black Rock Onion part of your Onion Ship and collect the monster.

That’s all you need to do to find and get Black Rock Onion in Pikmin 4. We have a massive list of Pikmin 4 guides, so if you are interested in defeating bosses, finding other Onions, and getting more Pikmin, you should check our list.