Where To Find Farosh In Zelda TOTK

On your quest to find one of the Dragons in Tears Of The Kingdom? Here is our guide on where you can find Farosh in TOTK

The Elemental Dragons in Breath Of The Wild were not only interesting to look at but also helped with upgrades in the game. They have made their way in Tears Of The Kingdom but this time around it might be difficult for players to spot them as the locations that they flew through in BOTW are tweaked in the new installment. Though hard to find players can make use of the new in-game mechanics to make it easy for them. Farosh is one of the four dragons that roam around the skies as well as the depths of Hyrule. When hit Farosh can drop claws, scale, fangs, etc which can help players in various upgrades. If you are looking for upgrades here is how you can find Farosh in Zelda TOTK.

Where to Find Farosh Zelda TOTK (Location)

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Finding Farosh can be tricky as he roams around the skies of Hyrule as well as the depths through chasms. But fortunately, he has a specific flight path that he engages in throughout the game. Players can find Farosh flying from East Gerudo Chasm to the Hills Of Baumer Chasm, this is when he flies in the sky. After which he will enter the Hills Of Baumer Chasm to make his way to the depths. Players also have the option to track his flight path once they have Sensor+ and Hero Paths features unlocked in their Purah Pad. You will have to complete the side quest required to unlock the Hero Paths

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Players can approach him anywhere in his flight path but we recommend avoiding in the depths as you have many things to look out for. Having said that approaching him just before he enters the Hills Of Baumer Chasm would be the best bet as you can wait and watch him sail towards it through the Popla Skyview Tower. Once you land on him you can acquire scales, fangs, claws, etc for your upgrades. It is worth noting that landing on him even with the use of your paraglider can be difficult sometimes, it takes a bit of practice. The nearest Skyview Tower to watch him come out of the East Gerudo Chasm is the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.

That is everything where you can find Farosh in Zelda TOTK. You can find the location guide for the rest of the three dragons right here on Gamer Tweak.