How To Fix Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Paarth Wadke
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The Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower is located near the entrance of the Gerudo Desert, and you have to solve a simple puzzle to make it work. The Skyview Towers in this game are used to defog the map and as fast-travel portals. Some towers require you to solve puzzles to get them working. In the case of the Gerudo Canyon one, you’ll need to use the Ultrahand ability to solve it. In this guide, we will mention exactly how.

How To Fix Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Attach Metal Boxes to the lift to solve Gerudo Canyon Skyview tower
Image Source: Kibbles Gaming on YouTube

The Gerudo Canyon area is dark on the map and you must solve the Skyview Tower puzzle to defog it. To fix the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower, look for an NPC called Sawson near the coordinates (-2148, -2191, 0302). Sawson will fix the tower but he needs help fixing the lift. Go near the tower and you’ll find some metal boxes and platforms made of wooden planks.

To unlock the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower:

  1. Use the Ultrahand ability to lift a platform.
  2. Then, turn to the left and attach the platform to the lift.
  3. Now, use the ability again to pick up the metal boxes and attach them to the platform on the lift.
  4. The lift will rise once you add enough weight, lifting Sawson to the tower.
  5. Interact with him and he will unlock the tower for you.

Alternatively, you can also fix it by attaching the three metal boxes to each other. Then, pick those three boxes at once and use them as a counterweight. Once you activate the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower, the surrounding area will reveal on the map. Moreover, you can also use it as a portal for fast travel.


That’s all from us on how to fix Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom. While you’re here, check out how to get the Barbarian Armor set in our ToTK guides section.

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