Palworld: Where To Find And Catch Penking

Penking is one of the two Penguin-like Pals in Palworld. Here’s how you can find and catch this creature.

In Palworld, you will come across several different Pals. Even though all these creatures will have a variety of different skills and abilities, you will have to capture the ones you think will be able to help you when you are crafting items, building your base, and even during combat. Similarly, Penking is one of the best Water/Ice-type Pals players can find and catch.

Although its skills and features are similar to Pengullet, Penking is a much more evolved version of this creature. However, capturing this Pal is quite difficult, therefore, if you need help with this, here’s how you can add this creature to your team.

Where to Find and Catch Penking in Palworld

Where To Find And Catch Penking In Palworld
Image – Palworld Wiki

There are two ways to catch this Pal in Palworld. For the first method, you will have to travel to the southern part of the map and get to the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary. Once you get to this location and try to get this Pal, it will be considered as a criminal activity.

On the other hand, you will be able to encounter the Alpha Penking Pal which will be located in the dungeon that is towards the north of Rayne Syndicate Tower. However, since this creature will be present as a dungeon boss, you will have to defeat a level 15 Penking.

Along with this, Penking will also have other five Pengullets that will try and destroy all the creatures you have carried along with you for this battle. As a result, you will have to ensure you are bringing your best Electric-type Pals like Jolthog, Sparkit, Dazzi, etc.

Once its health starts to drop, make sure you are using a Mega Sphere or a Giga Sphere, so that you have a better chance of capturing Penking. Additionally, these Pals can also be hatched from Large Damp Eggs, which can be found while exploring.

Lastly, you can also get this creature by breeding two Pals together, here are some Pal combinations you can use to get the creature you want –

  • Cinnamoth + Surfent
  • Eikthyrdeer + Cryonlinx
  • Mozzarina + Cryolinx
  • Cinnamoth + Elphidran

Once the parent Pals lay the Egg, put it in the Egg Incubator. After it is hatched, you will get your very own Penking Pal.

We have covered everything you need to know about finding and catching Penking in Palworld. If you want to learn more about this open-world survival game, find out how you can get Faleris, Astegon, and Swee, in Palworld, right here on Gamer Tweak.