Palworld Criminal Activity Underway Warning Explained

Criminal Activity Underway warning popping up on your screen in Palworld? Many players are unaware of this and what might have triggered it. Our guide has explained all you will need.

Although players have been doing all that they want in Palworld, they might more often than not break the law. Criminal Activity Underway in Palworld is a warning that players might break the law and if they go forward with it, they will have to face the PIDF. It’s possible that many players don’t know this feature of Palworld and what might have triggered it.

If you find this warning pop up, you might want to stop what you are doing or you will have to remove the wanted status on your head soon enough. There are only a handful of ways for players to tackle the PIDF and the wanted status which might be cumbersome. However, if you know what activities trigger the warning, you might be able to get yourself in the clear. This guide is exactly for that and will explain the warning and how to avoid it in Palworld.

What Does Criminal Activity Underway in Palworld Mean?

Palworld Criminal Activity Underway Warning Explained
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Players will get the warning Criminal Activity Underway in Palworld when they try to do something that violates the local law. The game warns you of the consequences before you actually commit the serious crime and if you walk away, it might not escalate further. However, if it does, you will find the PIDF trying to catch you. The warning does not indicate that the crime has been committed which allows players to have an escape without consequences.

Since players might not know what could break the law, the list below should be helpful:

  • Players will break the law if they are attacking non-hostile NPCs, such as merchants.
  • Many players are known to capture humans in Pal Spheres which breaks the law of Palpagos Islands.
  • Visiting Wildlife Sanctuaries and capturing Pals at Wildlife Sanctuaries are both known to break the law and players should avoid doing that.

If you have broken the law, there are a few easy ways to remove the wanted status.

That’s all on the Criminal Activity Underway in Palworld. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Palworld guides right here at Gamer Tweak.